Immetacyte deliver high quality cell therapy products to patients.

Immetacyte is focused on providing patient-specific immunotherapy, allowing the patient’s own T cells to fight their cancer. Immetacyte uses T cells isolated from the patient’s cancer that are cancer specific and have been shown to home back to the tumour and attack it – Tumour-Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TIL). The power of this truly specific TIL cell therapy against solid tumours was recognised by Immetacyte some years ago.


Clinical responses 

Our therapy is now clinically validated. Immetacyte has used TIL successfully to treat metastatic melanoma patients, some of whom have failed all other treatments (including checkpoint inhibitors). We have demonstrated that our therapy produces major tumour responses in 50% of patients and durable remissions and potential cures in around 20%.



We have built upon the expertise of researchers who have successfully undertaken scientific and clinical research alongside Professor Robert Hawkins. Professor Hawkins is a leader in the field having undertaken several complex research projects and clinical trials involving: TIL, CAR-T, TCR based T cell therapies, cell selection, gene therapy, expansion of patient derived cells.


Cell Therapy product development 

Our clinical data act as a cornerstone for us to enter into a pivotal clinical trial in this indication. Having successfully treated melanoma we will move onto other solid tumour indications and next generation TIL-based products to build a pipeline of TIL-based therapies.